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Mestre Boneco, Mestre Paulao,and Mestre Paulinho Sabia
Combined Martial Arts Academy
305 Broadway
Everett, MA 02149t
tel: 617.513.5858

Grupo Capoeira Brasil (CB) practices a variation of the art called Regional Contemporanea. The style, derived from the movements and sequences defined by Mestre Bimba, reflect the evolutions and influences of the mestres of Capoeira Brasil. We strive to maintain the integrity of the art, as well as support its evolution.

On January 14th, 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Grupo Capoeira Brasil was founded by Mestres Boneco, Paulao,and Paulinho Sabia. The inauguration, sponsored by a council of legendary mestres from various organizations, began an amazing capoeira dynasty, which today is one of the largest in the world. The "padrinhos," or godfathers of Grupo Capoeira Brasil include Mestres Suassuna, Itapoan, Peixinho, and the late Ezekiel. Since its founding, Grupo Capoeira Brasil has grown internationally with centers and academies in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tempe, Boston, Durham, Ensenada (MX), Amsterdam, Sydney (AUS), Paris, Marseille, Budapest, Brussels, Mount Maunganui (NZ), New Caledonia, Hong Kong, and all over Brazil.

Founders of Grupo Capoeira Brasil:

  • Mestre Boneco (Rio/Los Angeles)
  • Mestre Paulinho Sabia (Niteroi/Paris)
  • Mestre Paulao (Ceara/Amsterdam)

In addition the group graduated sixteen other black cords:

  • Mestre Cabeca (Aracaju)
  • Mestre Naval (Rio)
  • Mestre Girino (Sao Paulo)
  • Formado Kim (Ceara)
  • Formado Curumim (Rio)
  • Formado Espiga (Rio)
  • Formado Peixe (Australia)
  • Formado Cal Matos (Brussels)
  • Formado Linguica (Rio)
  • Formado Marcao (Cearia)
  • Formado Azul (Lausanne)
  • Formado Ze Pequeno (Marseille)
  • Formado Caxias (New York)
  • Formado Leo Pivete (Niteroi)
  • Formado Mindinho (San Diego)
  • Formado Tititi (Rio)

Each of the 16 mestres complement the Capoeira Brasil family in their own unique way; each having individual programs with numerous graduated students assisting in the cultivation and evolution of the group's work.

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