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Capoeira Cord
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No one becomes a Master ('Mestre') of Capoeira overnight; it takes time and perseverance to complete all the compulsory phases. First of all, it's necessary that the student finds in their Mestre a friend and feels comfortable with him/her in order to be fully confident with the movements taught. In the beginning, there are a myriad of obstacles that the student will face and need to overcome, and determination, commitment, always trying their best, challenging themselves, learning from their mistakes all assist the student greatly in doing this.

Coloured strings (belts) are used to rank the student's level of skill, fitness, agility, improvement and understanding of the game.

The string's classifications are as follows:
Cruda or White Cord
Beginner Level: Up to 1 year of training
Students begin their Capoeira training at this level. The phrase Corda Cruda, translated as "Raw Cord", signifies that rather than being seen as inexperienced, students are seen as being full of potential for growth.
Yellow/White Cord
Intermediate Level: 1 to 2 years of training
Transitional cord.
Yellow Cord
Intermediate Level: 1 to 3 years of training
Students begin to demonstrate an understanding of the Capoeira game, and have a basic knowledge of the movements, such as kicks and ground techniques, as well as music. Students know the choruses to many songs and can play a few instruments.
Orange/White Cord
Intermediate/Advanced Level: 2 to 4 years of training
Transitional cord.
Orange Cord
Intermediate/Advanced Level: 2 to 5 years of training
Students have a much deeper understanding of the Capoeira game. They now begin utilizing many different kicks and acrobatic movements. At this level, students are also capable of singing solos during a roda and playing many different instruments.
Blue/Red Cord
Monitor - Advanced Level: 3 to 6 years of training
Students earn the title of Monitor at this level. Monitors study class from an outside perspective as they themselves begin learning how to teach, and may even be able to teach under the supervision of their instructor. They also aid any lower-ranked students in need of assistance. As Capoeiristas, students at this level now fully incorporate a large variety of kicks and acrobatic movements, have a large repertoire of songs, and can play any instrument.
Blue Cord
Formado/Graduado or Instrutor
At this level, students earn the title of Formado or Graduado, which mean "Formed" or "Graduated", respectively. In a sense, this is a new beginning for students, a new "Corda Cruda", because, as mentioned before, assessments are based more on teaching ability, which is a new step for students. They must learn to share their own knowledge with other students. It is for this reason that students at this level are encouraged to begin teaching a class of their own. A Formado who begins teaching class earns the title and respect of an Instrutor (Instructor).
Green Cord
At this level, Capoeiristas continue to improve on their skills overall, which now includes the ability to teach. They are very strong in the roda, and are equally as strong when teaching a class. Their strength comes from their ability to incorporate Malicia, or deviousness, into their game. It's malicia that gives Capoeiristas their ability to surprise and confuse their opponents.
Purple Cord
To reach this level, Capoeiristas must not only have proven themselves to be skilled martial artists, but also proficient teachers. Professors are regarded very highly, as they have come very far and have devoted their lives to being part of Capoeira. Their malicia skills continue to increase, since they now have the ability to apply the knowledge they've gained within the roda to their dealings in the outside world, and vice-versa.
Brown Cord
Also referred to as Formando (Forming), Contra-Mestres are not only some of the most important figures of their group, but in the world of Capoeira itself. They are the right hand of the Mestres within their group, and are so esteemed and honored that, even at this level, they are respected as Mestres. Formidable players in the roda, Contra-Mestres can seamlessly combine all of their skills into a fierce and relentless game.
Black Cord
This is the apex for students of Capoeira; the highest and hardest level to achieve. Mestres are legendary for their skill, wisdom, and tact both inside and out of the roda. They have solidified their Capoeira games by consolidating all of the physical skills they've learned through their years of training with the cunning and trickery they've learned through their life experience. Mestres comprise the top echelon of all Capoeira groups, and it is therefore their right to oversee and supervise the on-goings of the group they lead.
For more information, contact Professor Caveira (617) 513-5858 Grupo Capoeira