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roda etiquette
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There are two ways a Capoeirista can enter the Roda to play a game...

The first way is when two players kneel at the foot of the lead berimbau, shake hands and au (cartwheel) into the roda. When their game is over, they shake hands and back quickly out in to the ring of Capoeiristas making up the roda. It is important to note you should never turn your back to the center of the roda, whether you are standing on the perimeter, or especially when you are leaving the center after a game. This is a safety issue - other players may not notice that you haven't completely left the roda before they start throwing kicks and flips. And from the other perspective, be conscious of the other players who are leaving the roda before you enter.

The second way to enter the roda is to buy the game. This is when a player "buys out" the person who has been playing longer. During a practice/training or "dry" roda (no live instruments and singing), all cord levels can buy the game. During an official roda only higher cords may buy the game. A lower cord may not buy out a higher cord unless Mestre Boneco or the instructor in charge of the roda gives permission. When you enter the game in this way, the most important thing is to make sure both players can see you. Go in from the side, and be assertive.

There is an etiquette to buying in the roda that is difficult to explain ...observe the higher cords, and don't be afraid to ask questions.